Addi by Sigurd Resell - a classic is being relaunched

The Addi chair shows that good design is sustainable. The design classicis now being relaunched.

Addi chair by Sigurd Resell for Helland Møbler

The history of the Addi chair

Addi became one of Helland Lenestolfabrikk's greatest successes in the1960s and 1970s. Resell was known for his clear constructions and elegant lines and used these techniques in the development of the Addi chair. The solid construction made the chair robust and durable for public use. The straight lines gave the chair a classic expression that fit into meeting rooms, cafes, hotels, boats etc. The chair was produced in large quantities right up until the mid-70s.

The designer Sigur Resell

Sigurd Resell was one of the country's most distinctive designers in the 1950s and 1960s. Resell trained as a carpenter and later studied at the Wood Department at the Norwegian School of Crafts and Arts in the period 1943-1947. After his studies, he worked at Rastad and Relling Tegnekontor and designed some of the post-war period's most robust furniture. He has also designed several commercial pieces of furniture such as the dining chair Blinken (1956) and chairs in the Bambi series (1955). In 1960 Resell designed the chair Addi for Helland Lenestolfabrikk. In 1970 Resell designed the Blankvals chair, later known as Falcon, for a furniture competition initiated by the Industry Council. Falcon was produced the following year byVatne Lenestolfabrikk.

Addi chair by Sigurd Resell for Helland Møbler

Sustainable design has no expiration date

Addi - a classic is brought back with design and qualities that suits a modern market. A chair that fits just as well around the dining table at home as in conference rooms. Addi is easy to move and you can save space by stacking the chair. The back and seat are designed so you can easily attach a removable cover to protect against wear and moisture.


  • Timeless design with elegant lines 
  • Upholstered seat and back provide good seating comfort
  • Stands safely and steadily
  • Good grip on the armrests
  • Removable seat cover with waterproof cover underneath
  • Removable back cover
  • Non-slip washable product cover

Addi chair
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