Our head office is surrounded by fjords and mountains in one of the most beautiful natural areas in Norway. That we then take into account both the internal and external environment by choosing good and recyclable materials is a matter of course for us. Below you see a selection of documents that refer to Helland Møbler AS's environmental commitment and certifications.

Helland gruppen er Norges ledende leverandør av helse- og pleiemøbler. Vår unike kombinasjon av design, produksjon og bærekraft har satt kvalitetsstandarden for helsemøbler i over 50 år. Helland har et utstrakt samarbeid med helseinstitusjoner og møbeldesignere i Skandinavia. Bedriften har siden etablering i 1947, hatt sitt hovedkontor i Stordal på Sunnmøre, og etablert egen produksjon i Estland. Helland produkt selges i Norge, Sverige og Tyskland. Helland gruppen er organisert i to salgsselskaper, Helland Møbler AS (Salg Norge og Sverige, Danmark) Helland Möbel GmbH (Euro sone kunder). Helland gruppen har totalt 70 ansatte. 

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HELLAND MØBLER AS har benyttet Factlines tjeneste i sin oppfølging av samfunnsansvar og etiske retningslinjer i leverandørkjeden siden 2023. HELLAND MØBLER AS har vedtatt etiske retningslinjer og foretar periodisk kontroll av sine leverandører gjennom egenrapportering og risikoevaluering. 

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Swan-labelled furniture and fittings meet strict requirements for:
- use of certified wood raw material where at least 70% of the wood must come from certified forestry
- use of recycled plastic and metal
- durability and wear resistance
- possibility of recycling at the end of the useful life
- manufacturer's waste management

Helland is now launching more furniture with the Nordic Ecolabel, and these products are treated with a special water-based varnish. This varnish has a high durability, but we advise against the use of disinfectants as this can shorten the life of the product. In addition, the Nordic Ecolabel will also require that furniture textiles that have either the Eu Ecolabel or the Nordic Ecolabel are used.

The following furniture has the Nordic Ecolabel:
Bo chair, Duun chair, Duun stackable chair, Duun high back chair, Duun seating group 1, 2 and 3 seats, Modus stacking chair, Pan high back chair, Pan chair, Pan seating group 1, 2 and 3 seats, Timeout seating group, Twin chair.

The products are certified by Ecolabelling in Norway under license number 2031 0098.


Helland Møbler AS is certified according to the ISO-14001 standard.
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Ethical guidelines "Code of Conduct".

Helland Møbler - Anti corruption policy

mobelfakta.no is the brand name/logo/furniture brand that says that the manufacturer who uses it is environmentally certified and the furniture that carries it is environmentally declared/documented and quality certified.

An environmental declaration is a concise document that summarizes the environmental profile of a component, a finished product or a service in a standardized and objective way. The abbreviation EPD is used in both Norwegian and international contexts. EPD stands for Environmental Product Declaration. In our products' environmental declarations, which you will find on each individual product, the environmental impacts will be clearly stated. With the help of documentable and sober information, we want to appear as a responsible producer and supplier.

Helland Møbler has a modern production facility where a clean working environment has a high priority. Emissions from production that affect the external and internal environment have been reduced to a minimum. The most commonly used types of wood are birch and oak, laminated and solid wood. Chipboard, plywood and solid wood are used for interior woodwork. All board material, as well as glue and varnish, satisfy the E-1 norm for formaldehyde release. Foam plastic is produced without the use of CFC gas. Environmentally friendly water-based contact adhesive is used for gluing foam plastic. All wooden material is used for heating own premises. The cartons used are produced from recycled raw material. Cardboard, paper, plastic, steel, electrical waste and special waste are sorted and sent for recycling. Other waste is delivered to municipal landfill.

Helland Møbler produces furniture with FSC approved wood. FSC is a global non-profit labeling scheme for wood and paper.

In an FSC forest, no more trees are felled than the forest can reproduce. At the same time, the FSC label is a guarantee that animals and plant life are protected, and that the people who work in the forest are guaranteed education, safety equipment and regular pay conditions.

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