Tracking products has been a very importent topic for furniture suppliers the past year. Tracking is now set as a requirement in several tender processes. 

Why should we have a digital product passport?

In "The European green deal", the European Commission has decided it wants to be the first carbon-neutral region by 2050. In this work, limiting the use of the earth's resources is central. The aim of a digital product passports is to facilitate so the consumer can make sustainable choices, and to ensure that products that are launched are more circular and have a longer lifespan by being easier to repair, reuse, redesign or recycle. The consumer can make better choices when they know of what and how the furniture is produced. Digital product passports simplify this process by making it less resource-intensive to obtain all the relevant information.

Who uses a digital product passports?

For you as a consumer, the product passport will be a tool that makes it easier to compare the properties of several products. The manufacturer gains trust and at the same time the passport makes it more difficult for the manufacturer to greenwash the product and its reputation. Which products does it apply to? Almost all products except food, medicine and animal feed. These product groups already have strict requirements for documentation and traceability. Batteries are the first product group to have the requirement for a product passport introduced, and it is estimated that the rules will come into force in 2026. By 2030, the aim is for all product groups to use product passports.

Helland is developing its digital product passport

The actual goal of product passports is defined in the European Commission's "The European green deal", but the actual solution is still under development. In order to be able to present data from various reports and systems, a considerable amount of work is required to develop a functioning system to produce product passports. 

produktpass helland møbler

In anticipation of this, we at Helland Furniture have created a digital solution where the products are marked with a unique label containing a QR code and a number. By scanning the QR-code with your mobile camera, you get an overview of the model, fabric choice, exploded view, parts list, assembly instructions with step-by-step replacement of components, maintenance guide, quality reports, guarantee documents etc. The function is constantly being developed as we gain more experience with our customers needs.

The documentation may vary from model to model. If you do not have access to a camera, you can
follow this link and enter the number manually.

The image below: After you have scanned the code, a landing page with information about the product will appear.

helland produktpass

Advantages of digital product passport

A product passport gives you advantages of getting access to all documentation in one place. Nursing and care institutions with many departments and floors can scan the QR code and the product passport quickly provides information on where the furniture should be returned after repair. If the gas lift on a highback chair stops working, the parts list is easily accessible and maintenance of the chair is quick.

If you have a code for your product, you can scan it here: