Kåfjord helsetun

Kåfjord health center

Care throughout life Good health and care provision throughout life is one of the cornerstones of Norwegian society. Being able to take part in des...

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Livet som senior

Life as a senior

As we get older, our bodies change and we have new needs. The furniture you have always used may suddenly fall short. By choosing furniture that is...

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Tiara serien

Tiara series

"Sit down and let the chair embrace you". This is the feeling designer Tone Nærø wanted to achieve when she designed the Tiara series. The slats i...

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Lyngdal Helsehus

Lyngdal Health Center

The new beautiful health center at Bergesletta, due to open in May 2020, will house short- and long-term stays, municipal emergency care and home ...

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