Delivery conditions

Freely delivered to the dealer's permanent address.
For deliveries outside the retailer's fixed address, a fee of net NOK 1,000 is added to orders below net NOK 20,000. Orders below NOK 6,000 net are charged with a shipping surcharge of NOK 500 net.

Transport damage

When receiving goods, deviations must always be noted on the waybill. Lack of a non-conformance note results in the complaint not being accepted. The recipient must immediately notify Helland Møbler of deviations.

Order number, photo and documentation are required. Non-visible damage (on packaging) must be reported no later than 7 days after receipt at

Additional costs in connection with transport damage are not reimbursed by Helland Møbler.


There is a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects on all models, a 5-year warranty on electrical components and gas pumps.

*Does not apply to textiles. Here, the textile supplier is responsible for warranty.


Complaints must always be lodged at the website

Hvit - F1040 Alpino

Lys grå - F7927

Lilac - F2582

Just-Gold - F8857

Mojave - F8751

New Burgundy - F7966

Terril - F2297