"Slowly up and forwards, never backwards"

- Grunder Johan Helland

Helland Møbler was founded in 1947. Since 1960, we have made furniture for the contract market. Our goal has always been to create form-reliable designs, develop flexible solutions and maintain high quality. Helland saw early on the necessity of collaborating with professional designers in the development of the products. Design quality is today one of our hallmarks.

The contract market makes strict demands on delivery precision, durability and design. Helland is one of the leading manufacturers of furniture for public environments in Norway. Our solutions have also proven to be competitive abroad and exports now make up a significant part of the turnover. With our modern machinery and professionally skilled staff, we are able to solve the assignments within the agreed framework and deadlines.

Furniture with good design creates joy and aesthetic well-being in public or private spaces. At Helland Møbler, we are convinced that people wait easier, collaborate more and achieve better results in an environment that is both functionally and design-wise appealing. The value of this can hardly be measured in anything other than pure well-being. Well-being pays off!

We would like to help create more such good rooms together with our dealers.

We welcome you to our collection.



Helland armchair factory was established in 1947. Johan Helland, Ole Helland and Jørgen Lied started the production of furniture in an old and drafty german barracks. Johan Helland worked after to the motto "Slowly up and forward, never back"



Hans Brattrud´s modell Comet ble lansert i 1960 og er fortsatt en del av vårt sortimentet. Dette er bærekraft i praksis gjennom godt design og godt håndverk.  



At the end of the 60s we launched the model that helped defined our identety. The Bo-Lett-A model was as concept for adult people, and was tailored for nursing homes. We were the first Norwegian furniture manufacturer with our own range aimed at this target group.


Helland celebrate 70 years

From the start we have made sustainable and durable furniture. With strong design, flexible solutions and high quality we are strong brand in the public sector of healthcare furniture.


Crew high back chair

With the Crew high back chair Helland is starts a new aera! Crew is designed specifically with good sitting and lying comfort in mind. The reclining chair can be used both as a relaxing and sleeping chair. Will be on sale from autumn 22.