We make functional care furniture

with focus on easy movement, ergonomics, hygiene and cleaning

Bobo high back chair

Cozy and comfortable with good seating comfort


Helland is founded




Hans Brattrud's Comet model was launched in 1960 and is still part of the Helland collection. This is sustainability in practice through good design and good craftsmanship.



At the end of the 60s we launched the model that helped defined our identety. The Bo-Lett-A model was as concept for adult people, and was tailored for nursing homes. We were the first Norwegian furniture manufacturer with our own range aimed at this target group.


Helland 70 year

From the start, we have thought sustainably and made durable and well-thought-out furniture. With strong design, flexible solutions and high quality we are strong brand in the public sector of healthcare furniture.


Crew high back chair

With the Crew high back chair Helland is starts a new aera! Crew is designed specifically with good sitting and lying comfort in mind. The reclining chair can be used both as a relaxing and sleeping chair. Will be on sale from autumn 22.