Wooden furniture adds warmth and coziness to clinical atmospheres and helps create an environment of well-being for residents, visitors and staff. Wooden furniture offers unique advantages for nursing and care units in the form of aesthetic appeal, durability and an environmentally friendly footprint. Choosing the right materials and surface treatment ensure that the furniture can withstand the demands of the healthcare sector.

  • Wood lasts for many years, even in nursing and caring environments, when treated and maintained correctly.
  • Treated with acid-hardened lacquer, the furniture can withstand frequent cleaning with disinfectant. 
  • Wood is a renewable material and the use of FSC-certified wood ensures that the furniture comes from sustainable sources.

Birch and oak are standard wood types in the Helland collection. Standard stain variants are white (DH1326-91213) and black full coverage. Special stains are available on request.

Read more about wood maintenance here.

Birch nature

Oak nature

White full-coverage varnish

Black lacquer