High-pressure laminate

High-pressure laminate is highly resistant to wear, scratches and impacts. This makes it ideal for use in healthcare facilities where furniture and surfaces are exposed to extensive use.

  • MDF core (Medium Density Fibreboard) soft wood is broken down into wood fibers and combined with wax and glue under high temperature.
  • Sponge core is made from wood particles (shavings and sawdust) that are sprayed with glue. It is then spread out into a mat and pressed into plates under high pressure and high temperature.
  • The surface is smooth and non-porous, which prevents the growth of bacteria and mould. It makes the surface easy to clean to maintain hygiene requirements.
  • Resistant to most chemicals and stains, which is essential in environments where disinfectants and other cleaning solutions are often used.
  • The material is flame retardant.
  • Available in a wide range of colors and patterns that provide great flexibility in design.


Melamine is another hard surface material similar to laminate. Melamine is most often used on vertical surfaces and shelves. Although durable, it is not at the same level as laminate in terms of resistance to intense wear and tear.

  • Mostly used on cabinet sides, shelves and other vertical surfaces. These surfaces are generally exposed to less direct wear compared to horizontal work surfaces such as table tops.
  • Melamin is robust, but best suited for areas that do not experience intensive load or constant direct contact.
  • The surface is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Melamine is less expensive than high pressure laminate.

Color selection

High-pressure laminate are supplied as standard in nine high-pressure laminate colors: oak, birch, white, light gray, lilac, just gold, mojave, new burgundy and terril. Melamine is supplied in a design approximate to the laminate colours. Other laminates and optional colors are also available on request. Colors may vary from screen to screen and the images shown here are indicative. We recommend using a color fan to check the color.

Read more about maintenance of high-pressure laminate and melamin here

Birch laminate F7921

Elegant Oak lam. F5374

White laminate F1040 Alpino

Light gray laminate F7927