Fjording - the complete health chair

Fjording recliner is the result of a thorough collaboration between Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, designer Eva Nyberg and Helland Møbler. Based on the desire for a new healthcare chair with strict requirements for functionality and hygiene, the Fjording recliner saw the light of day. 

Care in design
When designer Eva Nyberg started the design of Fjording, the focus was on good functionality for both carer and user. In a care environment, not only the user's physical needs, but also emotional needs and dignity are important. With this in mind, the chair was designed with an "earlobe" design of the back to give the feeling of being safe and shielded from the environment. 

Both armrests can be adjusted individually and if a "fixed" armrest is needed, an armrest strap can be attached. This ensures stability and safe use when moving in and out of the chair. The back has stepless adjustment with a lever and the seat can be adjusted in 3 steps.

fjording hvilestol av eva nyberg og helland møbler

At the back of the chair, the chair has a solid handle that facilitates movement for the carer. In addition, the chair can be ordered with the wheel function and the footboard, which contribute to discreet and dignified movement for the user.

Scandinavian minimalism
Throughout the ages, Scandinavian design has used oak wood to add cozy natural elements to the furniture/products. The underframe in the chair is therefore made in classic clear lacquered oak, which gives the chair a modern and stylish design. 

The complete care chair
Fjording has a number of additional functions that enable the chair to function as a complete recliner at hospitals and institutions. Note:

  • Removable back/seat cover with urine cloth
  • Extra seat height of up to 5cm
  • Water-based varnish
  • Possibility of optional neck pillow
  • Can be delivered with wheels
  • Adjustment lever for back on the west side
  • Double lever for stepless regulation
  • Sliding handle back
  • Wheels, push handle, footboard
  • Back cushion with lumbar support