Increase the lifespan of the furniture

We produce furniture that can be upgraded and renewed to extend their lifespan. Furniture renewal can be replacing a worn and dirty textile on the framework, new foam in the seat or back cushions, changing the framework or a full surface renovation of the wood.

Quality design.

In product development, we have deliberately chosen to work with designers who use strategic and good craftsmanship to create high quality furniture. Wood is a timeless and classic material for furniture production that lasts for decades. Upgrading the surface with a new coat can give the furniture another 10-15 years.

Replacementof textiles.

Care units use the furniture frequent and hard. Textiles are the first thing that gets wore down and visibly damage. Seat, back and armrest covers can be easily changed to maintain the furniture's physical and visual quality. An older sofa group can enter modern times just by switching to a new textile.

Visible screws offer advantages.

As part of our sustainable philosophy, we assemble the furniture with visible screws. This gives us and our customers a number of environmental and economic benefits. Visible screws make it easy to retighten and adjust without special tools and easily dismantle the furniture for renovation. Furniture with hidden screws or glued parts does not have this flexibility.


We provide a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects on our models, and a 5-year warranty on electrical components and gas pumps. The textile producer is responsible for the textile warranty.

Renovation projects.

Through collaboration with external companies, we offer total renovation of our models. Contact us wheather you have a small or large projects. Our network is spread across the country to be able to offer time- and cost-effective renovations.