Tiara series

"Sit down and let the chair embrace you". This is the feeling designer Tone Nærø wanted to achieve when she designed the Tiara series.

The slats inthe back of the Tiara spread out to form a tiara-like shape that embraces you. The back feels solid, but at the same time light and airy due to the shape of the back. The armrests are easy to grip and make it safe, stable and easy to get in and out of the chair. Tiara is designed in collaboration with physiotherapists for an optimal sitting experience.

Tiara - a Nordic design classic

Tiara can be ordered as:
-chair, rocking chair or 2-seater
-comes in durable fabrics from the Helland standard collection
-optional surface in natural oak or birch, black or white full-coverage lacquer
-back cushions in 2 sizes
-waterproof, non-slip cover

Tiara chair
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Tiara rocking chair 
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Tiara 2-seater
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Designer Tone Nærø

Tone is part of the duo in Nærø interior architect and is responsible for the design of the Tiara series. Nærø focuses on sustainable solutions with a high aesthetic sense and has specialist expertise in cultural buildings, restaurants, teaching and industry.