Welfare technology by Helland Furniture

Every day, a number of measurements of health data are made. Some wear a heart rate monitor or have their heart rate measured by their GP. The common denominator is that you need several different measuring instruments, manual processes and physical presence to carry this out. Varda Care brings together technology and advanced algorithms in one simple solution.

Helland Furniture was the initiator of what is today the welfare technology company Varda Care. After initial studies and mapping of needs from 2016, the company was founded in 2020. Today, Varda Care AS is an independent technology company where outside investors have seen the potential and have provided capital to further develop the concept.

Nursinghomes and nursing homes.

With Varda Care, you can survey the health status of the residents of a ward throughout the day without disturbing you. This means that you as an employee can prioritize your time better and intervene more quickly in the event of any deviations. 

The solution is almost imperceptible - a small smart sensor mat is placed under the seat cushion in the Helland chair or under the top mattress in the bed. Employees receive accurate health data on residents - continuously and in the form of historical data. This frees up time for care and provides a better basis for further health follow-up, medical supervision, adjustment of medication and prevention of walking and falling.

The home service.

With digital supervision from Varda Care in combination with Helland furniture, the home service staff have a more predictable working day. The sensor solution provides access to health information about the user in advance of the visit, provides notification of any deviations between visits and provides insight into prioritizing users, staffing and preparing equipment based on need. Avoid unnecessary disturbances at night while ensuring safety and being able to intervene more quickly in the event of any health abnormalities.


In a recliner from Helland, with the Varda Care sensor solution, you can sit back and let health measurements take place automatically - without you noticing. You can choose to share your health data with family and/or healthcare professionals, or simply monitor your own health.

For relatives.

How is Grandma really doing? Has she gotten up today? Has she been sitting in her chair for a long time? Let go of the worry about how things are with your loved ones when you are not present. Get a full overview wherever you are and receive alerts in the event of significant changes in measured health values. For many older people, it can also be a sense of security to be able to monitor their own health.

Health challenges.

Do you have health challenges or a disability? Varda Care measures health development and alerts in the event of deviations. This way you can detect early signs and symptoms that something is going the right way or deviates from the norm. All this while sitting in the good chair - a homely functional chair with exceptional seating comfort.