Kåfjord health center

Care throughout life

Good health and care provision throughout life is one of the cornerstones of Norwegian society. Being able to take part in designing the surroundings of those who have arrived at their last home is a rewarding but demanding task, says Terese Simonsen, Interior Architect MNIL and general manager at the architect office fraInnersida.

Homely interior

The key to success lies in good user processes. The employees have a complex working situation with few resources and many tasks. An efficient workplace must be combined with a homely interior in which the resident can feel at ease.

In order to achieve a good balance between the needs of the employees and the needs of the residents, we have mainly chosen institutional furniture, but with a homely feeling.

In the dining room we have chosen oak tables and chairs with upholstered seats. The cupboards have a different surface than oak to bring in contrasts. The glass doors in the cupboards show off the fine glasses and crockery. Large pendants in oak above the dining table create a cozy setting around the meal.

"Being chosen to help shape the surroundings of those who have arrived at their last home is a rewarding but demanding task" 

The living rooms are equipped with neat sofas and armchairs, and wall-mounted cupboards such as bookshelves and storage for board games. The use of color and materials on the furniture is calm and neutral and seeks to imitate something one might choose in a private home. Curtains in earth tones frame a fantastic view of the Kåfjorden.

Kåfjord Helsetun is located approx. 2h north of Bardufoss, in Kåfjord municipality in Nord-Troms.

Foto / fraInnersida


Birtavarre, Kåfjord in Troms
Interior architect firm: fraInnersida / www.frainnersida.no
Furniture used in this project:
Svea stacking chair
Ark table

Tiara chair
Pan high back chair 
Pan footstool