Colourful care zones in the Halden helthcare center

Strategic use of colors and furniture will give the residents of Halden a good experience when the new health center opens.

Østre Linje Architecture firm has focused on creating colorful zones with wooden furniture when designing the Halden health center. 

"The colors should help to facilitate orientation, separate departments from each other and clarify functions in the building. The open living rooms are typical for each floor, and they unfold as colorful oases and divides up the long corridor. In living rooms and common areas, the floor color is the main focus and interacts with complementary colors to create a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere." says Østre Linje Architecture firm.


Using wooden furniture adds warmth and the feeling of something real and honest. The wood feels soothing against the skin and gives a warm impression, while also being a sustainable material. 

The Tiara series is a popular furniture in care facilities due to its friendly design.The characteristic slats in the back of the Tiara chair and the 2-seater give an embracing and comforting feeling.


Competent hands and warm hearts - co-located to provide residents with a optimal patient experience. With the 6,500 m2 health center, several large health services in Halden and the surrounding area are now situated together to provide the residents with a good and interdisciplinary treatment offer. The health center consists of several of the municipality's competence units and offers preventive, health-promoting and treatment services. 

In connection with the health centre, you will also find an emergency room, medical services, a department for activity and coping with physiotherapists, occupational therapists, everyday rehabilitation, sight/hearing contact, the wellness center and a cancer coordinator.

Foto/ Tove Lauluten og Helland 


Place: Halden Helsehus, Halden Municipality
Architectural firm:
Common Ground /
Interior architect firm: Østre Linje Arkitekturlandskap /
Delivery and installation:
Sørlie Prosjektinnredninger /
Furniture used in this project:
Tiara series
Modus stacking chair
Bo dining table
Pan dining table
Pan recliner
Pan fotstool