Life as a senior

As we get older, our bodies change and we have new needs. The furniture you have always used may suddenly fall short. By choosing furniture that is adapted to a changing body, you get a new and better sitting and resting position.

You should think about this when you buy a recliner
- If you want to invest in a good recliner, it's a good idea to think through a few things first, says Bjørn Hjelmseth, sales manager at Helland.

- Our recliners have properties that we have developed through many years of experience. Common to all the chairs is a higher seat height, more arm support and firmer padding. That way, the body does not sag in the back of the piece of furniture as it does in a traditional recliner, he says further.

Third generation cabinetmakers
Helland's history began in Stordal, a small village on Sunnmøre, in 1947. The Helland family started design and production of furniture to meet demand in the post-war period. Helland Lenestolfabrikk sees the light of day. At the end of the 1960s, Helland entered the public market and supplied furniture to, among others, hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes and care units. Today, the third generation owns and runs the furniture factory.

- In recent years, we have also made furniture for the domestic market - through the Helland Home concept. More and more of our customers are living at home longer, and need furniture with functions adapted to a well-grown body, says Hjelmseth.

Quality and design
Hjelmseth says that their furniture is smaller and lighter than traditional furniture and sofa groups. The furniture must be easy to move and take up less space.

- Although we are concerned with function, we have not compromised on design or quality. On the contrary. Our aim has always been to create form-reliable designs, develop flexible solutions and maintain high quality. We work with professional designers, and design quality is today one of our hallmarks, he says.

helland nordia hvilestol

Nordia and Pan recliner
- We have two recliners that we are particularly happy with and proud of, says Hjelmseth.
- One is called Nordia, the other Pan. Both chairs have a high back, extra high seat height and a good grip on the armrests. It makes it easier to get up and down the chair, he says further.

The chairs can be delivered in solid oak, oiled, white oiled or black or white full-coverage lacquer. These materials and colors have been chosen deliberately so that the furniture fits well with a Scandinavian design expression that characterizes the home furniture market in the countries in which we operate.

Many possibilities
You can choose between polyester and wool fabric in both chairs. Wool provides a warmer experience, while polyester is easier to clean and can be washed at 60 degrees. Both chairs have stepless regulation in the back and an adjustable neck pillow.

The Nordia chair also has a motorized footstool that you can easily adjust with buttons via a small panel on the side. The motorized footstool can also be replaced by a loose footstool.

The Pan recliner comes in two designs, one with upholstered armrests, and one with wooden armrests. The chair has a softer padding than Nordia, and stepless adjustment of both back and seat.

Pan can also be supplied with a loose footstool. We recommend this for all our recliners, for better sitting comfort, says Hjelmseth.

Delivers to the door
If you buy a recliner from Helland, you have 14 days free and free return of the furniture, with your money back.

- This way you can try the chair in peace and quiet at home before you decide. We also arrange both delivery and return, and transport the chair to and from your home, says Hjelmseth.